Tights Info and Tips

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Tights are similar with legging but Tights are little thinner compared with legging. Although most tights are mainly nylon or cotton, lycra is normally included in modern blends to improve fit. Most often sheathing the body from about the waist to the feet with a more or less tight fit

Originally derived from the hose worn by European men several centuries ago, tights were made as close fitting as possible for practical reasons when riding horseback. For men of nobility the material would be made of silk or fine wool rather than the coarser fabrics used by the lower classes.

Tights are common in the world of theater, especially in Renaissance-era costumes and dance, particularly in ballet.

Tips to threats Thights

- sheer material

- 120 Denier thickness

- Waist of max. 110cm

- Height of max. 170cm

- Hand wash separately in lukewarm water

- Drip Dry

- Do not bleach

- Do not use washing machine

- Do not iron

- Do not tumble dry

- Wash dark colours separately

- Made in China

Images: Fashion156, Googling, Sheshe Butik

Info: Wikipidea & Sheshe Butik

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