Become a Useful Human Being

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Become a Useful Human Being


As long as you are alive, have you ever asked yourself, why does Allah give us advantages? Why does Allah give life and trials according to our abilities? Why does ISlam teach us how we must have a healthy and clean lifestyle?

Allah never commands us as humans to do harm or do bad things. But Allah commands us to be people who are devout, have faith and be useful to others. That is the reason why Allah gives us advantages, so that we can uses them to help and assist others.

The prophet said in a Hadith which means, "The best people are those who are most beneficial to others (Hadith History of ath-Thabrani).

Why Should We Be Helpful to Others?

We are social creatures who cannot live alone. No Matter how independent our lives are, we still need the help of other people. Allah gives human a sense of empathy, so that humans can carry out social action by helping others. So that means, humans are social creatures who need help and provide help.

The destiny of humans as social creatures is also closely related to Islamic teachings which gratly emphasize the attitude of helping each other. Allah says in surah Al-Maidah : 2, "And help you in goodness and piety. And do not help in committing sins and violations. And fear Allah, verily Allah's punishment is very severe."


("Dan tolong-menolonglah kamu dalam kebaikan dan ketakwaan. Dan janganlah tolong-menolong dalam berbuat dosa dan pelanggaran. Dan bertakwa lah kamu kepada Allah, sesungguhnya siksa Allah sangat berat.").

By making ourselves useful to others and this is also a commandment of the Islamic religion, we will get Allah's help if we practice it, namely becoming human beings who are useful to others.

"Whoever frees a believer from a worldly difficulty, Allah will free him from a difficulty on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever makes things easy for people who are in trouble, Allah will make things easy in this world and the hereafter. Whoever covers the disgrace of a Muslim, Allah will cover his disgrace in this world and the hereafter. Allah will always help His servant as long as the servant helps his Muslim brother." (HR Muslim).

("Barangsiapa membebaskan seorang mukmin dari suatu kesulitan dunia, maka Allah akan membebaskannya dari suatu kesulitan pada hari kiamat. Barangsiapa memberi kemudahan kepada orang yang berada dalam kesulitan, maka Allah akan memberikan kemudahan di dunia dan akhirat. Barangsiapa menutupi aib seorang muslim, maka Allah akan menutup aibnya di dunia dan akhirat. Allah akan selalu menolong hamba-Nya selama hamba tersebut menolong saudaranya sesama muslim." (Hr Muslim)).

Of course you've heard this sentence: praying without effort is a lie and effort without prayer is arrogant, right? So what is explained in the hadith is an explanation and answer to this sentence.

Allah will indeed help His servants when His servants pray for help. However, Allah wants to know the extent of His servant's effort to help and solve his own problems. One of the blessing of Allah help is by helping other people.

It is important for us to remember that whatever we do will always come back to us. If we commit a crime, then one day we will get retribution, sooner or later. On the other hand, if we do good things towards others, then one day we will receive kindness from other people as intermediaries for Allah help.

What Should We Do to Be Useful to Others?

Everyone can provide benefits to others. Providing benefits to other people doesn't have to wait for you to be rich, intelligent, influential, famous and smart. Whit what we are, we can provide benefits to others. What we need to make our presence useful to others is intention and we know what to do to make it useful.

Please you guys remember, to be able to provide benefits to others, it doesn't mean you have to spend large amounts of money. Just a strong and determination to make yourself useful for others.

It is important for us to instill in our hearts that whatever we do and provide as proof that we are beneficial to others, we should never expect a reply or praise from others. 

If the people we help repay all the help we have given with the help we have give, Allah is able to give more than that in return. Just remember the words of Allah in Surah Al-Qashas : 84, "Whoever comes with (brings) goodness, he will receive (a reward) that is better than his goodness."


"Barangsiapa datang dengan (membawa) kebaikan, maka dia akan mendapat (pahala) yang lebih baik daripada kebaikannya itu."- (Al Qashas, ayat 84)

Also pay attention to Allah's promise in Surah Al-An'am : 160, "Whoever deeds will be rewarded ten times his deeds."


"Barangsiapa berbuat kebaikan mendapat balasan sepuluh kali lipat amalnya." (Al-An'am, ayat 160).

If Allah has promised something like this, do we still expect a reply from our fellow creatures? Allah is sufficient as the best Giver or rewards because Allah is the Most Rich.

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