Loving Your Self

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Loving Your Self


In the current era of digitalization, stress and mental health are very risky. This happens to people who are not grateful, do not get closer to Allah SWT. Too focused on the worldly thing.

Our mental health is affected when we look at and compare our lives too often with other people's lives. Be it from social media, neighbors and in the work environment. As the saying goes, "The grass on the other side is greener than the grass at home".

Love Your Self 

Let's talk about self-love. What is meant by self-love? By loving yourself, it means you have appreciation for yourself, interest, affection and positive regard for yourself. When you have a strong sense of self-love and compassion, you understand your self-worth and treat yourself in a compassionate and loving way. This will make our lives happier and more grateful.

By loving yourself, it means you have a good understanding of your strengths and weakness. High self-love has a positive impact on well-being, health, sustenance, relationship with people around you and mental health.

Treat Your Self Well

1. Accept your flaws as part of a whole. When you love yourself, you love yourself as a whole, good or bad. Loving yourself doesn't mean fixing all the "bad" about you.

2. Focus on your efforts and results will follow. By focusing on effort rather than results, you can control what is called perfectionism. If you expect yourself and everything to always be perfect, you will never be satisfied with anything you produce. This will certainly have an impact on you by causing low self-esteem. Instead, give credit for all the efforts you make.

3. Keep yourself away from negative thoughts. Do You know the Law of Attraction? The laws of nature will attract your thought, so avoid negative thinking because everything will be destroyed later. So keep thinking positively and believe in yourself that whatever you do, everything has meaning for your life.

4. Speak Kindly and Calmly to yourself. Don't curse yourself often. When you are emotional and in a bad situation, failure or something else, don't say harsh words or say sentences that blame yourself. Because it will degrade you to something you don't like.

5. Have gratitude for the good things rather than focusing on the negative. Look for the positive side ini yourself, even thought bad things are happening to you. when negative things happen, immediately try to name 3 of 5 things you can be grateful for.

Loving yourself is different from being selfish. Doing something called loving yourself can maintain your mental and physical health. Discover what self-love looks like for you, because from loving yourself, you will learn to appreciate new sides of yourself.

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